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Curator: Federica Chiocchetti Realised in cooperation with the Photocaptionist and Discipula, London, the exhibition is linked with the central theme of Photo Month 2014 through questions of historical memory. Inspired by Corrado Alvaro’s Man is Strong, a novel that delves into social relations within a dictatorship, Tommaso Tanini explores the common procedures through which the one-time secret service of East Germany (the Stasi) manipulated emotions. The disquieting, haunting question in Tanini’s photoworks is how can one possibly turn against the loved ones instead of rebelling against an oppressing and terrorizing regime.

Cooperating partners: Discipula Editions, Photocaptionist


2014. November 29. - 2015. February 8.

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2014. October 18. - November 23.
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2014. December 13. - 2015. February 1.
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