Exhibition of the fine arts- and the photography scholarship awardees

Curator: József Készman Here we go... again! For over half a century, the scholarship named after Gyula Derkovits has been a crucial institution of state support for young visual artists. Műcsarnok has traditionally been responsible for collecting the competition works, hosting the meeting of the scholarship board, and staging the review exhibition. In recent years, the nature of the scholarship holders’ exhibition changed: rather than serving as a review, the exhibit presents an overview of the activity of each of the 26 young artists who hold the scholarship in the given year. As of this year, the display also incorporates the Pécsi József Photography Scholarship holders’ review exhibition, presenting now a total of nine artists from the second and third years.
Presented in one of the country’s leading exhibition galleries of contemporary art, the event makes it possible for the scholarship holders to offer a more comprehensive view of their work, and highlights those professional issues that concern young artists. The side events of the scholarship holders’ exhibition feature, among other things, the works of such artists who receive any of the other scholarships managed by MANK (e.g. Kállai Ernő, Fischer Annie, Kodály Zoltán, Móricz Zsigmond, and Örkény István Scholarships).
2014. March 30. - April 27.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2014. February 13. - April 27.
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Shirin Neshat

2014. April 3. - May 4.
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