Exhibition of the fine arts scholarship awardees

For several generations of young Hungarian artists the art scholarship named after Gyula Derkovits has been the most significant support for independent artistic creation in the last fifty years. The scholarship is designed to help talented artists start their careers, to enhance their artistic development, and to create favourable conditions for the creation of modern works of high quality regarding both formal and thematic features. As a result of last year’s organizational transformation of the cultural institutions responsible for the scholarship, this year the programme was launched within a new institutional framework, with a different system of professional implementation (MANK), and in a renewed form: compared to previous years, those who are chosen by the board receive a higher amount of subsidy, together with access to studios and participation at art colony programmes. According to the board’s decision, made in last February, 26 artists of the 166 applicants received the scholarship. They are the ones whose works Kunsthalle exhibits between 6 of April and 12 of May, 2013.

The exhibition DERKOVITS – NOW breaks with the tradition of such shows: it is not a retrospective, reporting show, but rather a more comprehensive presentation of the whole oeuvre of the artists concerned, one that creates the opportunity of an in-depth exploration the artistic issues preoccupying the young artists. At this exhibition – which is much more representative and wider in scope than usual – apart from the works of the scholarship winners one may encounter documentary materials as well. Moreover, the visitors and prospective candidates may also gain insight into the decision-making process of the award and the system of state funding. The show is also going to provide plenty of opportunity for young artists and future applicants to consult the members of the board and present their portfolios. The exhibition is complemented by a series of accompanying programmes, some of which is going to feature scholarship awardees of other MANK art programmes (in music, performing art, literary and art criticism) and their works.

6 APRIL 2013, Saturday
6 PM
Welcome speech: István SÁRVÁRY, general director of MANK
Opening speech: Ferenc BARNÁS poet

Collaborating partner: MANK
Supported by The Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, The National Cultural Fund.
2013. April 6. - May 12.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2013. March 14. - June 9.
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2013. April 24.
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Guided Tour and LectureBy artist Sigalit Landau