Milorad Krstic: Das Anatomische Theater (DAT)

Simultaneous Games in the Twentieth Century

Opening of the exhibition: 11 December, 2011 at 5 p.m.
Welcome speech: Gábor Gulyás, director of Műcsarnok
Opening speech: János Kurdy Fehér, writer
Milorad Krstic has been working on Das Anatomische Theater: Simultaneous Games in the Twentieth Century (DAT) for more than ten years. The ongoing project is a collection of hundreds of works of art.

DAT consists of several phases. The individual pieces of the collection and its overall organizing principle make DAT a kind of a postmodern Gesamtkunstwerk*, which appears in a variety of forms.

It is a subjective visual encyclopaedia of the 20th century, a theatre of history and historical experience. One of its professed objectives is to reintroduce the Dadaist perspectives of simultaneity and holism to the stage of history. These perspectives are applied to both the genuine facts of history and the interpretation of the century’s scientific and artistic achievements.

It is a fundamental intellectual task for the 21st century to understand, come to terms with, and formulate the heritage of the 20th century. DAT employs an individual perspective, as well as an unmistakable style and principle of selection, in its presentation of the last century.

*relationship to other fields of knowledge (history, philosophy, literature, the sciences, technology, design, etc.)

During the exhibition you can visit in several dates the show Ruben Brandt. More informations HERE!
2011. December 11. - 2012. January 8.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2011. November 29. - 2012. January 8.
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