Ilona Németh: Dilemma*

Curator: József Készman "dilemma
1. a situation necessitating a choice between two equal, esp equally undesirable, alternatives
2. a problem that seems incapable of a solution
3. (Philosophy / Logic) Logic a form of argument one of whose premises is the conjunction of two conditional statements and the other of which affirms the disjunction of their antecedents, and whose conclusion is the disjunction of their consequents.

Can you make a good decision with regard to a question of conscience when the root of the dilemma itself is a complex, multifaceted problem?
Originally Dunaszerdahely (Dunajská Streda, Slovakia), visual artist Németh Ilona was to convert the entire space of Ernst Museum into a massive installation, but as preparations went along, she felt less and less able to identify with the plan. She eventually decided to radically alter her own concept, and make a work that reflects more on the circumstances of realization, the personal motivations of its creator, and the cultural context, than the content of the original concept.

Fate vs. reality?
To exhibit or not to exhibit—or to do something very different?
An exhibition on the absence of an exhibition?

The result of this creative dilemma is a project that is unconventional in several respects!
The synchronized two-channel video installation offers an insight into the stages of the complex decision process, and allows a peek behind the scenes of the private sphere and the public space.
The two video:
Endre Koronczi: Indisposition (Interview with Ilona Németh) on 14 August 2011 and Ilona Németh: *Endnote.
Interviewer: Koronczi Endre
Translations: Anna Antal
2011. November 29. - 2012. January 8.
2011. September 15. - November 20.
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2011. December 11. - 2012. January 8.
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