2nd International Architectural Model Festival

Over the past few years, museums have become the testing ground of architecture, with almost every important museum in the world enrolling architecture for its attempts to manifest a new way of thinking, one that transforms the traditionally closed institution into an open forum that seeks to attract the audience. With Modeling Museums, a four-day festival held at Műcsarnok, KÉK affords a peek behind the scenes. How many different kinds of museums can you think of? And architectural models? How do you make a model? How does it help design? Here you can see new buildings for, and extensions of, public institutions and private collections, the plans and realized works of well-known architects and new promises, from Hungary and abroad. At one of the two symposia, architects will present models of buildings from the Munch Museum of Oslo to the Maribor Art Gallery, while at the other, directors and curators of institutions from the Metz Pompidou to the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art will talk about the relationship of the collections and the architecture. Some of the halls of Műcsarnok will turn into workshops: the audience can study the operation of, and even try their hands at, various model-making devices, from the simplest to the cutting edge of technology. In the course of the four days, the special model of an imaginary museum will be created, to be presented at the closing event of the festival.

Contemporary Architecture Centre – KÉK is an independent professional organization for contemporary architecture and urban culture. KÉK aims to stimulate thinking about our built environment, while forging new ties between the architectural community and the public it designs for. KÉK has organized more than 150 events, including exhibitions, conferences, debates, architecture walks and festivals since 2006, with more than 15,000 visitors.
2010. November 13. - November 16.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

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