Trends in interior design, the shapes of the present and the future from Hungary and abroad, fashion and music. All this in Budapest, with spring on the way.

Hosted by Műcsarnok for many years now, the Home Trend & Design Exhibition is one of the most important displays of design and interior design in Hungary.

During the day, you can wander around the interior islands of traders both well-known and newly started in the Hungarian market, and the stalls of established and fledgling Hungarian designers in the “madeinhungary” section, while the evenings feature fashion shows, live music and film screenings.

The trend mix is back! Like last year, the concept of 4 days – 4 trends was based on the prognosis of an international trend forecast company. Inspired by the filmic genres, the heads and instructors of the Werk Academy mix the trends called MANGA, GRANNY, SHOWTIME and FILM NOIR to produce an exciting, multimedia installation in the apse of Műcsarnok.
Mr. Pink, or perhaps Mr. Brown? Or more like an Amazon in the black-and-yellow kit of Beatrix Kiddo? Or are you into the crazy colourful style of Japanese youth, the Bosozoku? The MANGA trend is then definitely for you!
Sun-bleached blues, sand colours, striped sunshades in the mood of the Côte d’Azur. A profusion of embroidery and crochet, all the lacework and lavender scent you can take. Here’s GRANNY! Miss Marple would probably add a pinch of arsenic.
A world too loud and too colourful, where it’s daylight even at night. Basic and metallic colours, surprising shapes, tinsel and fur stoles galore. Jazz, Chicago, 1920. Glam rock, London, 1970. This is SHOWTIME.
FILM NOIR. Gas lights in the drizzle. An attractive blonde turns the street corner. Steel blue, blacks and whites, a coat of grey herring-bone pattern fabric. And mauve leather gloves, naturally. She would drive Fritz Lang or Alfred Hitchcock crazy.
Come and check out trends inspired by the best films, live, at the Home Trend & Design Exhibition, where you will also find a free playhouse for children.

PREVIEW: a special treat on March 6, Saturday. ROLLING TONES by WERK ACADEMY – in a rolling fashion performance, Márk Lakatos and Sonja Lang bring into motion the Lang collection!
2010. March 4. - March 7.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

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