12th Hometrend & Design Exhibition

Recolour it!

Supporters: MAXCity, SAMSUNG, Intérieur magazin, H.O.M.E., Design Room, inspiral.hu, Szép Lak, Jazzy rádió, Graphix line studio

MAXCity presents:

In today’s multicultural world it is getting increasingly difficult to find your way amid the multitude of trends. No wonder a growing number of people may feel they need forums which give some direction. The same is true for the colourful world of interior decoration and contemporary design. However, as the last decade’s experience has shown, the annual Home Trend and Design Exhibition can assist laymen and experts alike in orientation. Held for the 12th time, the exhibition features the usual high standards by presenting contemporary home design through exclusive interior installations in the fine spaces of Műcsarnok (Hall of Art). Naturally, the exhibition displays works by the cream of contemporary design too: in addition to the latest works of international design, the exhibition entitled “madeinhungary” gives insights into the work of Hungarian designers. This year’s exhibition has a surprise in store, as besides the multitude of trends in interior design, a multitude of colours are displayed. In Hungary, it is at the exhibition that the vibrant colour trends of the 2009/2010 autumn and winter season will be shown for the first time. On the four days of the exhibition visitors can get to know four different colour trends, which are surprisingly displayed in the rear apse of Műcsarnok. Here the light OPAL and the elegant CONTOUR rendezvous with each other, followed by the extravagant PUNCH to be only replaced by the bold ROMA. Last but not least, the rich display of colours and shapes is accompanied by occasional jazz concerts, fashion and jewellery shows. Should any of you feel the upholstery of your armchair has faded, or the wallpaper has become obsolete, “recolour it”!

2009. March 5. - March 8.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2009. February 21. - March 29.
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2009. March 28. - May 17.
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