A co-production of Hungarian MTV and Műcsarnok

Curators: Katalin SPENGER, Zsolt PETRÁNYI

Conception: Levente B. Málnay

Production Manager: Marianna Mayer Art is about having an audience. Gallery walls, however, often fall short of this goal when a young audience is to be reached. In the spring of 2008, Hungarian MTV and Műcsarnok launched a joint project to introduce young visual artists – painters, sculptors, photographers – to a broader public, to make young people familiar with the approaches and works of artists who recently started out on their careers. Each week, Pixel Portrait presented an artist, in the form of an illustrated five-minute interview. The thirty-piece series is now available for viewing on the website of MTV, and in December visitors can cast their votes on the most interesting personalities or works of art. The curators who proposed the artists for the interviews now select the best works for the exhibition called Pixels, including those that earned the most popular votes. The display owes its concept to the interviews and the artists selected by the viewers, so the works and the interviews – the latter can also be seen at the exhibit – will focus on the personalities and roles of the artists, as well as those fundamental issues that intrigue this generation. The exhibition, which features diverse media, and the TV project that preceded it, are admittedly attempts to open young people’s eyes to the fact that artists of their own age have very similar interests and means of self-expression. It is our hope that this joint initiative with the TV channel that presents and represents visual culture in a unique fashion will bring a new, open-minded audience to contemporary art.

The exhibitioned artists:
Albert Ádám, Asztalos Zsolt, Batykó Róbert, Borsos Róbert, Czene Márta, Fodor János, Galbovy Attila, Hidvégi Áron, Kokesch Ádám, Komlovszky-Szvet Tamás, Kovács Budha Tamás, Orosz Klára, Ötvös Zoltán, Péli Barna, Sipos Eszter, Stark Attila, Sudár Péter, Szabó Eszter
2009. January 18. - February 8.
2008. December 13. - 2009. February 15.
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