András Gál The border of the painting

in the Ernst Museum

curator: Marianna MAYER Non-representative and/or monochrome painting – which concentrates on colour, on painting as an act and experience, on the potentials of the monochrome surface/support as a picture – is research into the essence of painting, its fundamental questions. Its theory and practice synthesizes the problems and achievements of non-objective trends in early-20th-century abstract painting, abstract expressionism, Ad Reinhardt, post-painterly abstraction, minimalism, as well as the analytic art of the sixties and the radical painting of the eighties. András Gál, who began his career in the 1990s, has become an internationally recognized artist of monochrome painting, whose works can be found in important Hungarian and foreign collections. For him, working with homogenous-unicolour surfaces is an ongoing experiment, an increasingly subtle game within a formal system, a way of thinking about the practice of painting and its possibilities of expression.
2008. September 13. - November 2.
2008. September 10. - October 15.
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2008. September 14. - November 23.
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