Future Gifts - Solo exhibition by Mircea Cantor in the Kunsthalle

Opening: 26.09.2008., 19pm Born in Oradea (RO) and living in Paris, Mircea Cantor makes his first comprehensive appearance in Hungary with this display in Műcsarnok. To an extensive selection from the works of the past five years a new, impressive work is added. The key concept of the exhibit is that it is site-specific, both in terms of the physical space of Műcsarnok, and of the arrangement. Cantor has a penchant for creating peculiar situations that have links with concurrent artistic, political and social events, other exhibitions that take place at the same time. Post-conceptual and multi-media (video, maquette, drawing, photo, text, installation), his artistic practice connects the contexts of the exhibition space and the urban space, examines their overlapping and interplay.

2008. September 27. - November 9.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2008. September 14. - November 23.
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2008. October 21. - November 16.
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