Signal Strength

Contemporary painters on a mobile world

Following the 2002 exhibition series and album called JövőKép (Images of the Future), T-Mobile has launched, in cooperation with the K. Petrys House, another special arts initiative. In the project entitled Signal Strength, 12 contemporary artists reflect on the liberty of communication, each dedicating 12 paintings to the subject. The 144 works will be shown to the public at a one-week display in Műcsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest. Signal Strength, the arts project, seeks to document a thought-provoking creative process not only through the works, but with interviews and portrait films as well, to highlight the artists’ motivations, approaches and ideas. The exhibition will be accompanied by an album of the same title, containing reproductions of the works, as well as written versions of the interviews Nóra Winkler and Zsolt “Superman” Erdélyi conducted with the artists, under the auspices of director György Pálos. Together with author György Spiró’s foreword and Műcsarnok Director Zsolt Petrányi’s essays, the album, lavish in visuals and rich in thought, explores the many connections of communication and art.
2008. June 3. - June 8.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2008. May 24. - May 25.
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2008. June 4. - June 8.
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