11. Lakástrend & Design Exhibiton

It is now the eleventh occasion that the exhibition 360 º Lakástrend & Design musters Hungarian creators, manufacturers and traders of home design.

The coming of a new decade usually signals the coming of something new, retrospection is overwritten by new plans, nostalgia by the concepts and goals of the future. The 2008 Lakástrend & Design is all about novelty and improvement: new venues, programmes and design forums invite the visitors on paths not yet taken.

One of the most important achievements is that during the past ten years, the Budapest exhibition became up-to-date, so that the new trends and developments featured at the important international displays of home and interior design could be seen in Műcsarnok the same year they appeared. The exhibition has been instrumental in introducing prestigious international manufacturers and world-famous designers to the Hungarian public, encouraging interest in home design, and attaining a perceptible improvement in the quality of local home design. No less commendably, it has offered a serious proving ground for Hungarian designers, particularly through the exhibit called “madeinhungary,” which this year is opened at a new venue, “The Pit” (Gödör Klub), in the heart of the city. The major part of this latter exhibit is made up of young designers’ competition works, selected by a professional jury, and is rounded out by the displays of those schools and universities that train the designers of the future.

The main event, Lakástrend & Design has two new thematic sections in 2008. “med” (meeting of Eastern design) shares The Pit with “madeinhungary”, and features designers from Eastern Europe. “trendhecc” is a series of off-line programmes, with cafes, clubs and galleries offering creative meeting points in the centre of the city during the exhibition, and promoting with their exhibitions a better understanding of urban design, architecture, design and visual communication.

Ticket selling:
Műcsarnok, Gödör Klub
Entrance ticket: 1500 HUF
4 days’ entrance ticket: 4000 HUF
Student ticket: 1000 HUF
(only Thursday and Friday)

Open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday until 12 p.m.
2008. March 6. - March 9.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2008. February 16. - March 23.
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2008. March 15. - April 26.
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