Inner Journey – exhibition of Mária Chilf, Ivó Kovács, Csilla Kőszeghy in Dorottya Gallery

in the frame of the Budapesti Autumn Festival

Supported by: OKM, NKA, Budapesti Őszi Fesztivál, Budapest Bank Budapestért, Eximbank An exhibition about the human body. More precisely, about what is literally and figuratively hidden below the surface, whether the intestinal system, the individual’s intrauterine period, or the functioning of the female breast. The three young artists approach themselves with differing means, differing technique and differing attitude, making the journey into themselves in different ways. Mária Chilf’s watercolours are reminiscent of the illustrations in anatomical textbooks or natural science school textbooks, but they attempt to represent the human mind. The short animated film by Ivó Kovács guide the viewer into the human body. The works by Csilla Kőszeghy are a critique of the medical and social representation of the body and her main theme is the female breast.
2007. October 13. - November 24.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2007. October 12. - November 25.
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2007. October 17. - November 11.
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