Curator: Andrea Bordács The activity of Ádám Kokesch, an artist of individual approach who has been featured at several group exhibitions and received the Strabag Award in 2006, can be considered fictitious science. Kokesch imitates research in several sciences at the same time; his own chief “field” is astronomy. He is especially interested in hypotheses on how certain planets can be made habitable. The necessary energy is to come from the sun, and can be concentrated by means of mirrors in the stratosphere.

Sudo* kino is a site-specific installation. What we see gives the impression both of a scientific experiment, and an unpacked survival kit. The central element of the display is a three-metre long framework, hung parallel with the ceiling, along the longitudinal axis of the gallery. On this, the artist mounts sensors, viewfinders, mirrors and his Plexiglas-based works, these crossbreeds of representative and non-figurative art, of classic painting and a new medium. Floating in the space of the gallery like a service ship, the central framework is both a mount and a support. “Probing” its environment with its sensors, it is simultaneously an art object and a “system” with a personality. The space of the gallery itself becomes an instrument: the “sensors” that are fixed to the large windows overlooking the street with suction cups form star constellations, veritable iconostases.

* (superuser do – a Linux command)
2008. January 9. - February 9.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2007. December 15. - 2008. February 10.
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2008. February 6. - March 2.
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