10th Home Trend & Design Exhibition

European Interior Design in Budapest

www.lakastrend.hu Lakástrend & Design is the 10th occasion where leaders of national interior design and home-making are held together with exhibitors and manufacturers alike.

In the last 10 years, the Budapest exhibition has followed closely the new trends perceived at international interior and design exhibitions as these have immediately appeared at the Budapest Műcsarnok exhibition as well.

The exhibition will play a large role in getting to know the international manufacturers and world renowned designers, in the formation of interest toward design, and in raising stage of national interior design. Hungarian designers will have a major opportunity to make their acquaintance with thanks to the independent ‘madeinhungary’ exhibit.

This year, an independent pavilion established next to the main building will display pieces submitted for and ranked during the competition. This year, the exhibition will be extended by a new thematic exhibit: A program under the Design Focus (DeFO) will commence that will attempt to redefine the meaning of design. Defo will be a creative meeting point, with presentations and performance – like events that will unravel the commercial relationships and linkages between architecture, fashion, product design, and visual communication, while together contributing strategy to the design industry’s community.
2007. March 8. - March 11.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2007. February 16. - March 17.
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2007. March 9. - March 16.
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