Csaba Nemes: Szentlõrinczkáta (Paprikaville)

curator: Zoltán Prosek

The work presented is a black-and-white documentary, which follows the classic method of the genre in its detailed presentation of the atmosphere of a typical village not far from the capital, where growing paprika is the main source of income. Tell-tale incidents and trivia add an almost surrealistic touch to the description of the everyday events. In Szentlõrinczkáta the pace of life is set by the slow rhythm of recurrences, change is a hardly at a demand. Music: Balázs Horváth. Digital recording and editing: József Attila Erdõdy. Sound: Szabolcs Keresztes.
2005. March 2. - April 2.

Deep Hall

2005. February 27. - March 6.
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2005. March 7. - March 8.
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