Maybe – Péter Márkus and László Gyula Perger’s exhibition

December 6 – December 31, 2005 Curator: József Készman

“For years now, Márkus and Perger have been working in flashing boxes; their bodies are seated in front of the box, but their spirit lives in it.
The small boxes are home to vast spaces and large statues, mere dreams, which the sculptors would love to see in reality, if only there were room for them, if only there were a way.
Till then, their fantasy can roam uninhibited, the sculptors are unchained by the gravity of Earth, the shackles of materials, the criticism of differing tastes.
Long live the flashing boxes, the radiant sculptures; may the ideas soar free!”
Ildikó Várnagy, sculptor, 2004.

“Both of us are sculptors, and both of us have been doing computer graphics for a few years now, with a special interest in 3D modelling. For some time now we have been planning to present in a single exhibition the work we have been doing in the two different fields—in space virtual and real. All the more so, as these two specialized fields are one and the same…”
The exhibition relies on the peculiar interplay of the physical world and the world of ideas, attained with the help of sculptures in the traditional sense and computer prints. A great many images are presented on computer displays, as well as what gives a better sense of spatiality, motion pictures and series of demo pictures. The audience are also invited to try their hands at 3D modelling. The exhibition will also host the first public presentation of the computer programme Virtual Exhibition, an unusual picture viewing device.
2005. December 6. - December 31.

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