As If - Ádám Albert’s exhibition

Opening: October 27, 2005, 6 p.m.Opening speech: Gyula JuliusCurator: Andrea BordácsOctober 27 – December 31, 2005In the lobby of Mũcsarnok Cafeteria

Lately several contemporary artists have displayed an interest in a special visual idiom, that of symbols, and more particularly, pictograms; the latter may have proved truly inspiring because they represent a transition between writing and image. Whether creating their own pseudo-pictograms or combining available ones for individual effect, these works reflect on the deluge of pictograms in the digital media and the everyday environment.
Ádám Albert’s figures only simulate sign-ness, as the works lack the most typical traits of signs: simplicity, immediacy of information transfer, ease of decoding, etc. They are instead characterized by ambiguity, an uncertainty of function and meaning. Albert’s figures are thus more like symbols, as the information is greatly condensed, the meaning less obvious, concentrating a variety of concepts, associations and emotions in the same picture.
2005. October 27. - December 31.

Deep Hall

2005. October 13. - October 30.
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