Gyarmati Zsolt: subfactor

Opening: 02.12. 6 pm

“With the irrational reality my works offer I wish to arouse a subconscious interest in the realm defined by contemporary subculture.
The process of creation is for me a war of ideas, an eternal and irresolvable conflict with myself – in which surfaces appear and disappear on the canvas. In the mounting surfaces, each level documents a different mood, the process of creation giving out not a linear unit, but an atemporal mixture of sings, symbols and moods.
The intention behind my art is to record states, as it were. It is the representation of states that I inevitably went through, everything that happens to me and brings me insights.
The chief quarry of my symbols is the street, where no conceptual stability reigns, since everything is on the change all the time, and it is in order to reflect this flexibility that I use digital technology.
Digital technology also enables me to communicate and archive my art.”
(Zs. Gy.)
2004. December 2. - December 31.

Deep Hall

2004. December 1. - 2005. January 2.
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2004. December 9. - December 31.
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