'Espana 1950 - Decade of revival'

Picasso and the Spanish Art in the 50's

Budapest - Mûcsarnok – one of the most significant art institutions and exhibition halls of Hungary –
is hosting a Picasso show from July 2 2004 - September 12 2004 that is one of the main events of the year. The present exhibit is a selection of nearly 100 pieces of the artist's graphic works that are considered by many people to be among his greatest accomplishments.
The last time an event of comparable proportions of Picasso’s masterpieces occurred at Mûcsarnok for the art-going public was 37 years ago.
In addition, on display, there is also a wide range of paintings, sculptures, photos, and everyday-objects of Spanish art and design of the 1950's. Many considered the display of the Spanish art that accompanies the Picasso exhibit to be nothing short of spectacular.
After 37 years in Hungary, Mûcsarnok is going to open a Picasso exhibit
that you can only compare to the grandiose one in 1967. The nearly 100 pieces
of art represent the artist's book illustrations from 1944 -1969. The master worked out all his well-known subjects on his lithographs - from the collection of Bancaja Bank Madrid - so one can observe his versatility. Regarding the fact that the collection has got international distinction both in quantity and quality the exhibition at Mûcsarnok calls for a prestigious show in Europe.

Between July 2 and September 12 2004 Mûcsarnok offers another extraordinary
exposure besides the works of the XXth century-genius. At the same time of the
Picasso display you can see an exhibition of the Spanish art and design in
the 50's entitled 'Espana 1950 - Decade of Revival'. Míró and his world-famous
contemporaries represent the variety of the Spanish fine- and applied arts
in the controversial fifties besides number of photos and everyday-objects.
On the occasion of the exhibit the legendary Spanish sport car of the fifties,
a fiery red Pegaso Z-102 Spider Serra is going to be on display.
The unusually spectacular show will be on outside Spain for the first time
in Budapest.
2004. July 1. - September 12.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2004. June 15. - July 10.
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2004. July 2. - September 12.
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