The Water-colourist's Dream

Exhibition of Gábor Záborszky

Curator: Krisztina Jerger The exhibition focuses on travel, structure, the visual and the profession, and something else as well – daydreaming.
I make variable panels, like a dream, which is present in the process of creation. The water evaporates from the mass of paper poured on the water-colour, thereby bringing the colour to the surface. This is a process the viewer can not participate in. There are no catastrophies, no irreversible tragedies, just the joy of immersion in a picture. I speak to viewers who will come back again and again, and who are patient and willing to dream along with me.
Gábor Záborszky

2004. October 1. - November 7.

Kunsthalle, Budapest

2004. September 10. - October 13.
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2004. October 5. - November 7.
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